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From the very moment we enter the world, we are embraced by narrative and storytelling, immersed by wonders, places, characters, and things that probe our curiosity and spring our imaginations to life.

Roger has certainly embraced the art of compelling storytelling, known for his ability to take narrative to new immersive levels by becoming the story, adding elements of distinction between characters, landscape, and tone of topic; elevating the words right off the page, injecting them with life.

One of the greatest things about being a storyteller, is the freedom to interpret the copy, the ability to ad-lib inserting a component of yourself to translate it, and insert it into the story.

Roger certainly has an appreciation for storytelling and narrative, able to set free his imagination which brings authenticity, personality and character to most narratives.

Crediting some of his skillsets to being a creative person as well as a writer, who is familiar with creating and delivering engaging and often comical stories that captivate audiences, he has a play on words that attracts and retains the attention of listening audiences.

Some of the great effects good storytellers use is the advance of dramatic pauses, gritty enunciation, and depth of tone to convey a stories impression, a skill that is definitely in Roger’s arsenal of vocal methods for generating atmosphere and mood.

Roger continues to peak the interest and appetites of listeners, through the craft of voice acting, by developing original characters found in traditional and modern stories, including those told in podcasts, animations, commercials and even in video games, all which take breath from playful, intense, and infectious storytelling that bring the narrative to life.

Roger offers comprehensive studio rates, a quick turnaround, and a warm experience, as well as a friendly and reliable service of which his clients continuously praise in wholesome feedback, and bright testimonials.

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