Characters &
Video Games.

Bringing life to authentic characters; immersing players in gripping multi-platform video games, & inspiring audiences in interactive media, animation, toys, and creator video content.


Adding a charming international conversational touch to commercial scripts, promos and trailers; captivating audiences across a wide range of current multimedia outlets.

& Storytelling.

Injecting playfulness and warmth into storytelling and narrative for corporate content, instructional reads, localisation,
e-learning, film and streaming audible content.

About Roger.

Bringing characters and scripts to life


Committed to the art of storytelling


Trust makes the performance real

Broadcast Ready Home Studio

Available to everyone on the planet

Audio Delivery Formats: Lossless and lossy formats – Mono & Stereo
44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, 16 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit (float) MP3, WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC

RTL: 669 Samples, 13.938 Msec,
Sample rate 48kHz, Buffer size 128 samples,
Return loss 48.7 dB, Noise floor -74.5 dB

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Meet your Voice Actor

Roger offers a rich, warm, and playful voice with a mild gravelliness embellished with a southern hemisphere twist. Based in London, in the United Kingdom, Roger performs and records from a source-connect enabled, broadcast ready home studio, with availability around the clock across multiple time zones.

Noted for his immersive and captivating storytelling and character creation; Roger performs for multiple markets including: commercials, animations, video games, virtual reality, trailers, promos, e-learning, films and many others. Roger brings imaginative characters of all walks to new life; from grounded empathetic and true to life personalities, to otherworldly beings and unlikely creatures, to menacing open world bad-asses, charismatic and warm seasonal favorites, as well as wacky, zany and eccentric personalities, trusting loyalty bound hero’s, and unconventional stereotypical characters.

Absorbed in the craft of voice acting, and voice over Roger creates an abundance of unique and dynamic archetypes that lift characters off the page resonating with a wide range of audiences, he also has the versatility to perform a wide range of authentic accents from around the globe having also been resident in more than most, offering a deeper understanding of local dialects and mannerisms.

Roger has had the pleasure and opportunity to work with exceptionally talented clients and studios from around the world, clients who’s visions have allowed him to voice contemporary commercials for radio, TV, and online platforms, bold promos for connected brands, as well as performing characters for immersive video games such as Fallout 4, Fallout New Vegas, UnMetal, Roblox – Typical colours 2, Project Crypt, Fates Call, Toy Hub Support, as well as unofficial Star Wars Films, and captivating Audio Dramas, including motion comics, visual novels, corporate animations, localisations, and many other immersive forms of interactive storytelling, even briefly appearing as a fugitive on a wanted poster in Peaky Blinders – The Kings Ransom VR Video game.


something for everyone

Voice Over

A rich, warm voice print detailed with a southern hemisphere ripple and a mild gravelliness.

Voice Acting

Dialogue, drama, performances, bringing characters of all walks to life with a personal touch.

Added Sounds

From fictional languages and creatures to otherworldly beings, oddities, and other supernatural and unearthly things.


From character dialogue to copy that connects audiences and elevates brands.


Finding the right voice print and getting the most from a talents performance.


It never hertz to have the tech and the insight to bring it all together.


The magic happens behind the mic
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WHOLESOME Feedback From Clients
    Johathan H
    Johathan H

    Roger was brilliant and a pleasure to work with. Captured the tone for our project perfectly and we cannot be happier with the quality of the recording and the quick turn around. I highly recommend him, we’ll be back to work with him again soon! Thank you!

      G Luthor
      G Luthor

      We love your voice it brings the character to life.

        C White
        C White

        I highly recommend Roger. Our marketing team found his reels and wanted to book him for an upcoming video campaign. He responded the same day and after some questions about our script he nailed it first take! We will be using him in the future 100%.

          J Hoffman
          J Hoffman

          Great communicator, easy to work with, prompt turnaround. Authentic NZ Accent. Thanks so much!

            S Carpenter
            S Carpenter

            Roger did such a fantastic job of his audition we were able to use it for the final piece! A very charming and persuasive voice indeed, highly recommended.


              Very good voice performance, a quality job done in good time, an approachable person to deal with. 100% recommended.


                My god, you’ve handed me diamonds good sir 😄 Thank you so much

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