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Commercial voiceover aids connected brands in communicating with dynamic demographic audiences on their terms, giving way to higher conversion rates, engaging interactions and compelling calls-to-action.

Roger’s commercial voiceover offering covers a broad spectrum of markets, from online digital campaigns, to radio spots, social media, audible streams, television, brand tags, event greetings, point-of-sale, and many others.

Roger Adams offers a rich, warm and playful voice signature, with a cheeky southern hemisphere twist that sparks curiosity and intrigue with listeners; also making for a comfortable experience for directors who are looking for a unique take on their scripts.

Roger’s intriguing international voice is suitable for a wide range of commercial markets, a voice that captures the hearts and minds of everyday audiences; making his voice print a strong choice for a range of commercial voiceovers.

His dynamic range contributes to his ability to deliver smooth and concise reads which evoke luxury, to rich and engaging reads that alert listeners to the hype of new and forward thinking brands and products and services, as well as an ability to portray a lighthearted playfulness to lift everyday conversational reads off the page, and alluring quips of character that draw smiles and inflict a sense of humour.

Roger based in London, in the united Kingdom, records from a source-connect enabled broadcast ready home studio, that clients rely on to deliver noise free high quality audio, that offers both plenty of headroom and workable signal to dispatch directly into audio production with ease.

Recording Roger’s voice, the Hollywood workhorse; the Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone, a mic which offers crisp and distinct characteristics audiences are accustom to.

Roger offers comprehensive studio rates, a quick turnaround, and a warm experience, as well as a friendly and reliable service of which his clients continuously praise in wholesome feedback, and bright testimonials.

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