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Characters whether in video games, films, animations, or audio dramas, are what we connect with when we read, listen to, watch, or engage with through interactive and virtual reality game play.

Characters give a a sense of connection; someone or something to relate to, they give us a look into the mood and tone of a storyline, and set our imaginations free in understanding what role a character has to play within those storylines.

As well as physical appearance, mental state, and archetype characteristics, characters and video games need a voice, something that defines them and their personality; from brooding sinister villains and evil arch enemies, to cheeky and awkward friends, courageous hero’s, comedic jokers, and even enraged wasteland badasses, characters refine critical elements of a story plot and render them authentic, believable, and real.

The majority of characters make up the backdrop for main storylines such as side characters and NPC’s, while others lead the audience through entire stories at the forefront, whichever character role it is, Roger has both a strong dynamic range in his natural tongue, and the incredibly rare ability to completely change his voice while remaining authentic, to suit any conceivable character, for almost any scenario, and media outlet.

Roger has an approach to voice acting which enables him to reach levels of performance that projects and conveys believable characters, taking on varying forms of physicality and ability at levels that instil credible relationships that viewers and players resonate with.

As well as bringing characters and video games to life through the craft of voice acting, Roger is well known for his ability to safely perform and project extreme vocals, efforts, ouches, creatures as well as an ability to manifest unearthly sounds and gruesome noises that add immense value to dark, otherworldly, and action orientated video games, again instilling believability and authenticity into his performances.

Roger offers comprehensive studio rates, a quick turnaround, and a warm experience, as well as a friendly and reliable service of which his clients continuously praise in wholesome feedback, and bright testimonials.

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