Everyone has a story, but not every story is told in the same way; some are best expressed in words, some by painting a thousand; while others more effectively told through motion, sound, and tactile interaction.

While most stories are intended to entertain and inform; others allure to extract emotive response, aspire new thinking, or compel physical actions, hidden deep within these stories are simple messages, intended for those who may be inclined to listen. Chances are there’s not always an immediate or clear route to embark your story, gaining traction, refining its anatomy, finishing a prolonged chapter, or rejuvenating a fatigued version. I can help you engage from conception through to final product.

I help brands to businesses and people tell their stories clearly, concisely and accurately through design thinking. My creative signature, leadership and technical skills help clients tell their stories to reach their desired target audiences through informed creative and relevant visual and multimedia communications.

Whether conceptualising, illustrating or realising big ideas, building resilient brands, evolving brand awareness and visual identity, developing consumer products and packaging, creating an online or social presence, exploring innovation, providing Art direction, pitching with punch, or promoting your unique value and offering in compelling ways. That’s where I come in.

- Most people have got big ideas. Execution is what turns those ideas into reality, revenue, and desired conversions. I’m a master of execution.

- When attention to detail is paramount I’ll find the needle in the haystack.

- Everyone has a voice; but when actions speak louder than words, my sleeves will be rolled up and I’ll be completely silent.

- Where cohesion is essential I’ll be the one that bonds a team and motivates them to remain focused, inspired and engaged; equally when the call to act independently is necessary, I’ll remain open minded, organised, resourceful and calm.

Seeking a confident and reliable team player please email me: rog.adams@icloud.com
Want to see what I have been saying, follow me on twitter: @Rog2uk

I’m always open to making new professional acquaintances reach out if you want to talk tech, latest trends, craft beer, innovation or rugby.

Specialties: design thinking, creative, branding, FMCG & consumer packaging,
art direction, digital media, training and mentoring, collaborations, team building, leadership, workflow efficiency, technical knowledge, problem solving.

Tools: Clear and concise oral and written communication, networking, creative suite, digital sketches on Ipad, product and resource knowledge, 3D prototyping, a wealth of relevant and transferrable experience.

I’m not suggesting I’m a superhero at all things, but I’ll do what it takes to look good in spandex and a cape; and if I’m not the superhero you’re looking for, I might know a superhero who is, because building and fostering relationships are the foundations for ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.

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